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Managing your electric budget as energy prices rise.

Our customers count on us every day for the energy they need, and we recognize our responsibility to keep help customers keep bills as low as possible. As with other utilities, DLC’s default service electric supply, or “Price to Compare” (PTC) rates will change December 1.

Why are rates increasing?

The rate increase is in the supply portion of your bill. This means the cost of energy being consumed has increased due to an overall rise in energy market prices and other factors. DLC does not generate power. DLC uses a competitive procurement process for energy supplied through default service at the Price to Compare.  Because generation costs are directly passed to customers, DLC does not profit on any electric generation. Learn more about the breakdown of charges

Current default rates

DLC’s default rates for electric supply and transmission are outlined below. These are the rates you will pay if you choose not to shop for an alternate supplier

Residential Service: Effective December 1 — 11.25¢/kWh
Residential Service Heating: Effective December 1 — 10.12¢/kWh 
Residential Service Add on Heat Pump: Effective December 1 — 10.76¢/kWh 
Learn more about DLC's new rates for residential service or business rates for commercial service.

The default rate, or PTC, may be higher or lower in future adjustments. So, impact to your bill can vary over time. 

If you are enrolled with an electric generation supplier and would like to switch to DLC, go to the Supplier Information section under Account Settings. Additionally, you can check your Account Settings if you are unsure who is supplying your electricity. NOTE: If you elect to switch to the PTC or want to choose another supplier, be sure to contact your current supplier for information about the terms and conditions of your contract. There could be fees for terminating your agreement of your supplier.

Understand my Bill

In an effort to be your trusted energy partner, DLC encourages you to evaluate all options regarding the supply portion of your bill. Your effort allows you to find the best rate and ensures you’re receiving the type of service that works best for you. Learn more about comparing rates and shopping for a supplier. 

DLC also offers a Standard Offer Program  to further assist customers in finding a desirable rate with an alternate supplier.

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Price to Compare Infographic: Electric supply shopping could save you money

Sign up for budget billing. Life is unpredictable, but your electric bill does not have to be. Budget Billing is a free service for DLC customers that allows for consistent, monthly payments. You’ll pay the cost of the monthly usage average from the past 12 months.

Understand your usage. Taking simple actions can help can help you conserve energy and save money on your utility bills. You can track your home’s daily electric usage on our online tool, My Electric Use or DLC Mobile, our free app available on Apple and Android devices. 

Use energy saving tools. Our Home Energy Center has a range of calculators to help you determine how much money your appliances cost to operate. For energy conservation tips and an online home energy analysis, click here.

DLC offers many resources for customers in need of financial support.

The Here to Help page includes information about customer choice, rebates, payment assistance and energy-saving tools to help customers with their electric bills.