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Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is playing a vital role in helping the Pittsburgh region transition to a clean energy future that is greener, healthier and more equitable. As we join our trusted partners in setting the stage for future generations to thrive, we're focused on delivering exceptional results today while boldly harnessing opportunities for tomorrow.

On this page, we welcome you to explore our steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility and the efforts we're making to enhance our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.


In 2020, DLC took significant steps toward developing a companywide ESG strategy. That work included completing our first materiality matrix and engaging key stakeholders on ESG topics and issues.

In 2021 we published our first set of ESG performance metrics through the EEI reporting template, and we expanded our public commitments to include electrifying 30% of our fleet by 2030 and joining Rewiring America’s pledge “CEO’s for Electrification.”

In 2022, we have continued to progress our focus on topics that are central to our overall business strategy as well as our ESG opportunities, including investments in infrastructure reliability, expanding access to renewables and distributed energy resources and advancing electrification.  


Solar Panel Installation

Clean Energy

Duquesne Light Company is here to power resilient, sustainable Pittsburgh communities and support clean energy growth in ways that benefit all customers. By supporting innovative energy solutions, DLC can help our communities transition to a clean energy future.  

DLC Electric Vehicle


We’re leading the charge! Today our fleet includes electric sedans and pickup trucks, plug-in hybrid bucket trucks, and electric forklifts.

And this is just the start. We’re committed to 30x30 — by 2030, 30% of DLC’s fleet will be powered by electricity.




Our mission is to build a clean energy future for all where no one is left behind. That starts in the workplace where we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where every employee feels valued and respected.

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We don't just power the lights; we empower lives. Our commitment to our customers and communities goes beyond our job description. DLC team members donate thousands of volunteer hours yearly and we donate millions of charitable dollars to the communities we serve.


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DLC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business and ethics. We believe in providing a work environment that is respectful, and conducting itself in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Modern Underground Electric Tunnel


At DLC, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve how we provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to the Western Pennsylvania region. We take pride in creating groundbreaking strategies to achieve that goal

Corporate Responsibility Reporting


“Ensuring a clean energy future for all would not be possible without a solid understanding of and commitment to corporate responsibility. We are making significant strides in ensuring that everything we do has a positive impact on our employees, customers, communities and the environment. Our work is nowhere near finished, but I’m extremely optimistic about the progress we’ve made and the steps we’re taking to achieve our full potential.”

— Kevin Walker, President and CEO, Duquesne Light Holdings