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Duquesne Light Company (DLC) offers a comprehensive selection of lighting products for roadways, commercial buildings and residential neighborhoods. We stand behind our selection of manufacturers and vendors of high quality, utility grade lighting products. We offer a wide selection of lighting options and will service the system under our cost-effective maintenance program. To discuss your lighting needs and for more information, please contact your DLC Account Manager or call DLC today at 412-393-7300 to learn more. 

To report an outage or an issue with a specific streetlight(s), please click here.

Municipality Street Lighting

We offer Municipal Street Lighting rates for light emitting diode (LED) lighting of public streets, highways, bridges, parks and similar public places, for normal dusk to dawn operation of approximately 4,200 hours per year.

Refer to the DLC Retail Tariff for rates.

Private Property Lighting

We use a line of products from Cooper Lighting, which has a proven track record of being a high quality vendor. Private Area Lights are available for light emitting diode (LED) lighting of residential, commercial and industrial private property installations including parking lots, for normal dusk to dawn operation of approximately 4,200 hours per year.

Refer to the DLC Retail Tariff for Private Area Lighting rates.


Architectural Lighting is available for separately metered circuitry connected solely to outdoor architectural lighting equipment, with demand of 5 kilowatts or greater, to be operated during non-peak periods.

Refer to the DLC Retail Tariff for rates.

Street Lighting Energy

We also offer energy for street lighting. It is available for the entire electric energy requirements of municipal street lighting systems (where the municipality has not less than 15,000 street lamp installations and provides for the ownership, operation and maintenance of its own street lamp installations and takes its entire energy requirements for street lighting under this rate).

Refer to the DLC Retail Tariff for more information.

Highway Street Lighting

Available for high intensity discharge lighting of state highways for normal dusk to dawn operation of approximately 4,200 hours per year, where the highway lighting system is 1) acceptable to DLC and 2) is installed by the State. Ownership of the entire highway lighting system must be transferred to the Company for a nominal consideration.

Refer to the DLC Retail Tariff for rates.

Unmetered Service

Unmetered service is available to customers using unmetered standard service at each point of connection for customer-owned and maintained equipment such as traffic signals, communication devices and billboard lighting.

Energy usage for customers using this service shall be estimated by the Company on the basis of equipment wattage and operating hours. The customer shall notify the Company whenever any change is made in the equipment or the operating hours, so that the Company may revise the estimated energy usage.

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