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We’re striving to provide the highest level of reliability, but unmanaged trees, shrubs and brush can result in interruptions of electric service to customers. That’s why we work with communities throughout our 800-square-mile service territory in Allegheny and Beaver counties to manage the “urban forest” so that everyone can enjoy trees that are compatible with safe, reliable electric service.

Our rights-of-way maintenance program applies best-management practices and technological advances from both the arboricultural and utility vegetation management industries. By proactively employing industry-best practices, we ensure that 45,000 miles of overhead power lines remain free and clear of vegetation encroachments so we can keep the power flowing. 

We’re proud to be a Tree Line USA award recipient. Duquesne Light's vegetation management program has been recognized nationally for 19 consecutive years by the Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters as a leader in the promotion of pruning and vegetation management best practices, training of line clearance crews and tree advocacy in both the community and in public education.  

As a company, we are strongly committed to preserving the environment. Through long-term vegetation management strategies, we work diligently to minimize our impact on the environment through the selection and promotion of compatible trees and shrubs that, by their very nature, will not grow tall enough to interfere with power lines. 

Safety Around Trees and Power Lines

Each year, people are seriously injured or killed by unexpectedly coming into contact with power lines while performing tree trimming. Whenever you are planning tree work needed in your yard, please pay close attention to the location of any nearby power lines. 

As noted in Customer Responsibilities, trees on or near service-drop wires are the responsibility of the property owner and may require work to be performed by a qualified line clearance tree professional. Federal regulations require that anyone planning to work within 10 feet of energized electrical equipment must be qualified. If you plan to have trees pruned or removed and any part of the tree is within 10 feet of a power line or other energized electrical equipment, please contact us at 412-393-7100. DLC will contact you to discuss your work plan. 

View Safety Requirements for the Tree Care Profession 

Use the side menu options for proper precautions to follow when you plan to dig a hole in your yard; vegetation management procedures during storms and emergencies; and safety tips during storm situations. 

Storms and Emergencies

In the event of vegetation-related outages during storms and other emergencies, DLC line-clearance tree professionals will clear vegetation hindering access in order to facilitate the restoration of power to affected customers. However, the succeeding clean-up and disposal of this debris is the responsibility of the property owner. This allows our qualified line-clearance tree professionals to quickly respond to other situations as they arise during major storms or emergencies. 

Click here to report an outage. 


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If you have any questions about tree planting or maintenance, call DLC’s Customer Care line at 412-393-7100. One of our vegetation management professionals will contact you to address your questions.

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