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Clean Energy & Environment

Duquesne Light Company is here to power resilient, sustainable Pittsburgh communities and support clean energy growth in ways that benefit all customers. By supporting innovative energy solutions, DLC can help our communities transition to a clean energy future.  

Solar at DLC
Ways to access renewables:

Customer-Owned Generation
DLC customers have the option to interconnect qualified renewable energy generating systems, like solar panels, to the Duquesne Light transmission and distribution system. Have questions about how to interconnect your generation systems? Find out more about customer-owned generation at DLC here

Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission provides an eight-step guide and additional resources for Pennsylvania residents thinking about installing solar panels on their home. 

Choose renewable energy for your home or business

Customers can learn more about how to supply their homes and businesses with renewable energy today with the following resources: 

Solar Energy

Solar Energy Resource Hub
The PA Department of Environmental Protection provides PA residents and businesses with valuable resources including the benefits and costs of solar energy, financial incentives, and how to find qualified installers. 
Solar Energy and Economic Development in PA 

DLC supports legislation that would expand access to renewable energy for all Pennsylvanians and grow solar energy in the state. Call your local legislators to support the PA Local Solar program today! 

Solar at DLC 

In line with our commitment to sustainability and clean energy, we have installed solar panels and a solar tree at our Woods Run campus in Pittsburgh's North Side. The 57.6 kWs of carbon-free electricity help power 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accommodate DLC's growing electric fleet and employees who drive EVs. Learn more about DLC's solar installations.

Check out the solar production of our installations in real time.


DLC drive EV
Electricity is fueling a new, cleaner era of mobility in the Pittsburgh region. Duquesne Light is empowering all our customers to experience the benefits of electric mobility – from superior performance and reduced maintenance to convenient charging and low fuel costs.

Whether you're looking to drive electric, install EV charging for your home or business, or convert your fleet, we're here to help. 

Electric Vehicles

Visit our page to learn more about EV offerings and resources for our customers.

EV Guide

Use our interactive guide to browse the growing number of EV models on the market, discover purchase and lease incentives, and locate charging stations around your area. 

Leading by Example: DLC's Electric Fleet and Workplace Charging

We're aiming to electrify 30% of our fleet by 2030, including 100% of our light duty vehicles. To support our growing electric fleet and employees driving electric, we're expanding workplace charging stations to many of our facilities

With our easy-to navigate Home Energy Center, customers can reach a number of resources that offer savings, rebates, and insights into home energy use. Navigate your own electric usage using our summary services and find out more about how to conserve energy and save money in your home.

My Electric Usage

Customers can use this tool to understand how they use electricity and how they might save by making small changes. 

Simple ways to be more energy efficient at home

From lighting to landscaping, heating to cooling, and from the kitchen to the family room, learn more about small changes that you can make to save money and energy in your home.


Duquesne Light's online marketplace offers LED lighting, advanced power strips, and smart thermostats. Enjoy coupons and discounts on a range of featured products.  

Energy Efficiency Programs for Residential & Business customers

DLC’s energy savings hub can help reduce your energy costs and make your house more comfortable. Choose from money-saving rebates, appliance recycling, whole-house energy audits, or a number of other resources available to residential customers of DLC.

Duquesne Light Company is proud to support local businesses and help as you develop a strategy for your business to thrive. With our Small Business Direct Install, Business Solutions, and Instant Discount programs, business customers of all sizes can save money and become more energy efficient.

Electrification as a Strategy for Decarbonization

Duquesne Light is committed to advancing strategies that assist the regional transition to a clean energy future for all in an equitable way. Electrification, a critical pathway towards a decarbonized future, has the potential to benefit customers, the environment, and the economy.


Check out the Electrification as a Strategy for Decarbonization white paper that explores electrification opportunities, benefits, and challenges and how these opportunities have the potential to help achieve sustainability goals.  


PA DEP Cooking in Healthy Electrified Commercial Kitchens (CHECK) Program
CHECK helps schools and nonprofits modernize their kitchens through energy efficiency and electrification. Entities can qualify for rebates up to $5,000 on a variety equipment to make their commercial kitchen a healthier and more environmentally friendly place. To qualify, eligible entities must attend an educational webinar about energy efficiency in commercial kitchens.

PA DEP Small Business Advantage Grant Program
The program assists small businesses undertaking energy efficiency, pollution reduction, or waste prevention projects by providing reimbursement grants ranging from 50% to 80% of eligible project costs. Maximum grant amounts will vary based on environmental impact and whether the project location is in an Environmental Justice Area.

The application period will close when funding is exhausted or March 24, 2023, whichever occurs first.

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