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Faulty wiring? Loose electrical meter? Flickering lights? With an affordable plan from HomeServe, you can stay grounded with exterior electrical wiring repair coverage. 


Duquesne Light has partnered with HomeServe to offer our residential customers the option to enroll in a variety of home repair plans that provide coverage for unexpected and sometimes costly expenses. 

Enrollment in one of HomeServe's plans means that when a covered repair is needed, a pre-screened local contractor is just a phone call away. Duquesne Light customers also enjoy the convenience of having the cost for these plans added to their monthly electric bill. 

For more information and pricing, please visit HomeServe.

Exterior Electrical Line Coverage 


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If your exterior electrical wiring breaks down, you need a qualified electrician to reconnect overhead lines, replace underground service, repair a loose meter or replace faulty wiring. In addition to the hazards and inconvenience these failures can cause, the repairs can be expensive. Stay grounded with reliable coverage from HomeServe and get access to our 24/7 hotline where you can schedule a repair for your home's exterior electrical wiring system. 

In-Home Electric Repair Program 


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If an electrical breakdown happens, you need qualified help quickly to rewire faulty repair switches, outlets, breaker/fuse boxes and control panels. Finding help can be difficult and time-consuming and repairs can be expensive. Lighten you load from expensive repairs with an affordable repair plan from HomeServe and get access to our 24/7 hotline where you can schedule a repair for your home's interior electrical wiring system. 

Water Line Replacement Program


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Most basic homeowners insurance and local utilities or municipalities do not cover repairing or replacing the exterior water service line that is damaged due to normal wear and tear, not accident or negligence. Buried pipes break- protect yours with an affordable plan from HomeServe and get protection from high repair costs with access to our 24/7 hotline where you can schedule a repair for your exterior water service line. If you're unsure about your responsibility for the exterior water service line on your property, contact your municipality or water company. 

NEW! Interior Electrical Plus EV Charger Protection Program


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If you drive an EV, you know how important your level 2 charger is to daily life. An EV level 2 charger breakdown or malfunction is a huge inconvenience. You can't drive to work, the kids to school, or even to the doctor or grocery store. That's why you want your EV charger and the electrical line that feeds it to be functional 24/7. Duquesne Light has partnered with HomeServe to offer eligible customers the option to enroll in an Interior Electrical Plus EV Charger Protection plan, which covers your interior electrical line and your plug-in EV home charger. Watch the video below to learn more about EV charging.  




Call HomeServe 24/7
If you have a problem, a repair hotline representative is available to take your call 24/7 and can schedule an appointment to get you the help you need.

They'll Send a Technician
When you need to make a claim, they will send a local, licensed & insured technician to handle all your covered repairs.

Get Thumb's Up Service
HomeServe's local, licensed & insured professionals deliver quality service to their  customers. The result is a big thumbs up for the repair work. 

Enroll in a Plan Today

or call: 

If you have a question regarding your current subscription, please visit HomeServe's plan listing and select the appropriate program for additional information. If you have a claim, call 1-833-500-2624 and select option 1. 

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