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We like to think that bringing electricity from the grid to your business is a team effort. We’re responsible for some of the equipment, while you take care of repairs and upkeep for other parts. This section will provide you with the responsibilities of the customer and how some of those components are defined.

Right of Way and Permitting

The granting of right-of-way and permits is essential to providing electric service. For new underground developments, the developer will be expected to grant any right-of-way as quickly as possible and to arrange for expediting any municipal permits which also may be required.

The customer or building owner shall obtain any necessary permits for a vault located under the sidewalk or a pad located on his property. Duquesne Light shall secure a street opening permit if one is required for the work.

Other Right of Ways and Permits may need to be executed prior to the start of your project. For more information or to see if a right of way or permit is required for your project, call your Duquesne Light Account Manager today or Customer Service at 412-393-7300.

Business Customer Responsibilities

You own all conductors and equipment beyond the service point except the Company metering equipment. Examples of customer equipment are service entrance conductors, conduits, service equipment and premises wiring.

You also own the substation structures, vault enclosures, concrete pads, meter instrument transformer enclosures, underground conduits and grounding system necessary for the Company to provide service from high voltage lines to customer premises, as described in specific sections.

Residential Customer Responsibilities

Find out what part of your electrical service you're responsible for.

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Main Disconnect

If your service was disconnected, your main disconnect will need to be in the off position prior to Duquesne Light restoring your service. This is required for the safety of our field representatives and to relieve Duquesne Light of any liability should equipment have been left on within the customer owned facility.

Access to Meters

See who has access to your meter.

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PA One Call

Our toll-free telephone number for planning to dig or excavate.

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