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Pennsylvania state law places responsibility on individuals working near underground utility facilities to use the PA One Call system. Duquesne Light is a member of the PA One Call system in our entire service territory. This service allows you to make only one toll-free telephone call to notify all member utilities about digging projects.

Here’s what to do:

  • Before you call, please determine the tag number of the nearest utility pole, pad-mounted transformer or underground secondary or vault cover. This will help pinpoint your location when you call.
  • Make the call when your job is in the planning stage. By doing so you can avoid the expense and delay of making changes after your work has begun.
  • Contact PA One Call at least 72 working-hours before starting to dig. Simply dial toll-free 1-800-242-1776 or 811.
  • The PA One Call operator will take the location, date and time of digging. This information is then given to all member utilities who will contact you with information about the location of underground cables and facilities near or in your work site.
  • Refer to all OSHA regulations relevant to working near electrical power lines.

Making the call is the most prudent thing to do. If you dig without calling, you are responsible not only for injury to yourself or others, but also for any damage caused by digging into underground utility facilities. That’s the law!

Underground Line Facility Protection

Although most electric lines are overhead, more and more electrical service facilities are placed underground each year. This increases the chances of someone digging into underground electric lines.

Look for warning tape or concrete

Stop digging immediately if you find the red tape pictured below or yellow tape or if you encounter concrete.

Buried Line

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