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The customer shall furnish, install, maintain and own the physical structure; power, relay and control wiring; underground conduits and the protective grounding system necessary to support the installation of the Company's transformers and equipment.

Physical Structure and Wiring

The customer shall furnish, install and maintain in accordance with plans furnished by the Company, all foundation structures, control rooms, walls, steel for mounting equipment, pulling eyes, fences, hatches, doors, ladders, slag, gates, means for adequate drainage and ventilation, and similar items which constitute the substation, vault or pad installation. The customer also shall provide and install conduit, wiring, HVAC per Company requirements, and the necessary, 120/240 volt, single-phase or 120/208 volt, single-phase service and equipment to supply the Company's substation equipment (communications, lights, battery chargers, relay testers, air compressors, etc.)

Protection and Control Wiring

The customer shall furnish, install and maintain all conduit for the protection and control wiring shown on the drawings for the permanent sections of the installation. The Company will provide and install the conduit for all relay and control wiring in the exposed section of the installation as noted on the drawings.

Protective Grounding

The grounding installation is important to public safety and must be completed according to Company plans. The customer shall furnish and install the grounding system as described in plans supplied by the Company. Generally the customer shall do the following:

  • (a) Provide and install ground rods, ground bus and ground grid.
  • (b) Provide and install flexible connections from all gates and doors to adjacent stationary sections of the fence, metal siding or door frames.
  • (c) Ground all equipment, metallic conduit, supports, post barriers and fence.

The Company may take ground resistance readings prior to construction to determine the grounding requirements when necessary. The grounding system must be inspected by the Company before the customer backfills the installation. The grounding system will be tested by the Company after completion to determine if it is adequate.

The equipment owned and installed by the Company will be connected to the customer provided grounding system by the Company.

The customer's service equipment must be grounded according to Section 3.4 in the Electrical Service Installation Rules and the requirements of the inspecting authority. When the customer's service equipment is the first disconnecting device on the load side of the Company's transformers, the customer shall connect the structure or frame of the service equipment to the grounding system described above.

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