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Duquesne Light Company (DLC) operates with a strong commitment to safety, business and common sense ethics and expects its diverse suppliers, partners, vendors and consultants to have that same dedication while working with us. 

Become a DLC Procurement Supplier

Does your business want to work with DLC? Email us at to get started. Please provide us with your company name, address, contact name, phone number, email address, brief summary of the company’s capabilities and your diversity certificate, if applicable.

DLC Supplier Diversity

We define diversity as the combination of background and identities that make each individual unique and inclusion as the intentional action of creating belonging. Diversity and inclusion sets a foundation for all employees to be treated with respect and dignity and empowers teams to work better together.

Duquesne Light Company recognizes diverse suppliers, whether third-party certified or self-certified, as reported and evidenced by the supplier. The supplier is solely responsible for the accuracy of its own self-certification. The diverse supplier form can be downloaded from our “Resources” section below and submitted to DLC at for consideration.

More information about DLC's supplier diversity program can be accessed below.

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Learn about our supplier policies such as terms and conditions, agreements and code of conduct by clicking on any of these links:

ACH Enrollment
Invoicing Instructions
Diverse Supplier Form
Supplier Code of Conduct
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