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When you're working outdoors, remember to look up and out for power lines.

To help you stay safe, we provide cover-up services to prevent accidental and incidental contact with an un-insulated line. The installation of cover-up does not usually constitute compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations.

The generally accepted methods of providing adequate working clearances from overhead facilities include permanently or temporarily relocating the lines and temporarily de-energizing and grounding the lines. Under most circumstances, lines operating at 4160 volts or lower can be covered.

The cover-up is not intended to provide mechanical protection, nor is it for permanent installation to correct violations of the clearance requirements specified by the National Electrical Safety Code. Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is not responsible for the condition nor the continuity of the installed cover-up after the installation crew has departed.

DLC may refuse to cover a line if doing so would present a greater danger than the uncovered line or if installed cover-up would cause damage to Company facilities. Consideration must be given to the weight of the cover-up, weather and wind conditions, and the possibility of damage or wire wrapping with nearby Company facilities while the cover-up is installed. In these cases, the line must be de-energized and grounded, or be relocated.

It is the policy of DLC that lines operating at voltages greater than 4160 volts will not be covered for non-DLC work.

DLC will charge all customers, contractors, or requestors for the installation of cover-up. Payment must be made before cover-up is installed. The following charges will be applied to all installations of cover-up:

  • A minimum charge to cover the cost of the crew to travel to and from the job site to install and then to remove the cover-up.
  • A usage charge to cover the cost of maintaining the cover-up material.
  • A refundable deposit charge to protect DLC's investment in the cover-up material.
  • An Inspection Charge to cover the cost of inspecting the condition of the cover-up when the installation period exceeds three months. This cost also will be charged if it becomes necessary for the crew to reposition or replace damaged cover-up.

These charges will cover the use of the cover-up material on a monthly basis for a maximum of three months. Cover-up material should be inspected at that time. Any appropriate refundable deposit charge will be returned at that time. If additional time is needed, the inspection charge or a new installation charge will be calculated.

For more information about cover-ups, contact our New Business Department at 412-393-4343.

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